Although the term AI itself is quite famous these days . But do you understand the initiation and journey of this (new) rat-race. (… if not , we got you covered)

Alan Turing (1912-54)

So the term dates back to 1950’s when a Britisher namely Alan Turing , mathematician by profession publishes a paper The Turing Test originally known as the imitation game. But that paper revolved around the key idea of “test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human”. Quite frankly the paper suggested a test in which if any other human will be able to distinguish between the doer , if it is a human or a computer.

John McCarthy (1927-2011)
Marvin Minsky (1927-2016)

But Turing never suggested the term AI or ML or any of the today’s fancy names .It was John McCarthy who suggested/coined the term AI or Artificial Intelligence in 1956 (6 years after the basic idea ). Also this very event is often known as “The official launch of ai”. While venue being Darmouth workshop. The funny thing is that the Marvin Minsky the next name in sequence also used to work there. And maybe one of the first people to actually build something useful as well. Minsky used to work on perceptrons and had a huge influence on the modern AI market.

AI and its journey has been a long run of about 75 years . It was not made in one night as us people consider it to be. Sam Altman ( CEO of OpenAi) didnot one day woke up and wanted to create GPT.


1 . Explainable AI : There’s a huge gap between AI developers and normal humans , so one of the major ambitions of AI devs wil be is to redice the gap.

2 . A General Intelligence Ai : An AI which can understand everything a human does just like that . What I mean is the way when we tell a kid that this is an apple and it understands it and has not to be trained on lots and lots of data . Similarly AI would not have to trained like that.

We understand that AI is a never ending story and that’s why the title “AI the journey”.