If you fed-up with chatgpt 4 repetitive message, Then you are the right place. This Blogs is all about Phind AI, API and it’s ai search and it’s capabilities surpassing gpt4.

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Phind AI is made especially for developers, programmer who want to excel or get a quick fast response while solving a problem. By the way quick mean really quick faster then chatgpt 4 and perplexity.

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Introduction to Phind AI

phind ai free model
Image source: phind ai homepage

Phind-70B stands out as a cutting-edge solution for developers seeking quick and reliable answers to technical questions. This tool operates impressively fast, delivering answers at a speed of 80 tokens per second, ensuring that users don’t have to pause their work for long.

Built on the foundation of the CodeLlama-70B model, Phind-70B has been enhanced with an extra 50 billion tokens, leading to notable performance improvements and a generous 32K token context window.

When it comes to understanding code, Phind-70B shines, achieving an 82.3% score on HumanEval, slightly ahead of GPT-4 Turbo’s 81.1%. Although it slightly trails GPT-4 in the Meta CRUXEval benchmark, Phind-70B demonstrates superior capabilities in real-world coding tasks, providing detailed code examples without hesitation.

phind ai beats chatgpt 4 turbo on HumanEval
Image source: phind ai/ beats gpt 4 turbo on HumanEval score

One of Phind-70B’s standout features is its speed, thanks to the use of NVIDIA’s TensorRT-LLM library on H100 GPUs, making it significantly faster than its counterparts.

A quick explanatory video on phind ai, api and more:

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How to use Phind AI:

This speed is not just theoretical; users can experience it firsthand by trying Phind-70B for free, with the option to unlock more features through a subscription to Phind Pro.
You can try the free model of phind ai by visiting to their official site i.e : https://www.phind.com/

In the spirit of community and collaboration, they’re excited to share that the weights for the Phind-34B model will soon be open-sourced, with plans to release the Phind-70B weights in the future.

Phind AI journey to this point wouldn’t have been possible without the support of it’s cloud partners, SF Compute and AWS, and thier allies at Meta and NVIDIA. A quirky highlight of our development journey includes pushing  hardware to its limits, memorably resulting in a melted H100 GPU during the training of Phind-70B. This milestone underscores the commitment to delivering exceptional tools for the developer community.


In conclusion, Phind-70B model represents a significant leap forward in the realm of developer tools, offering unparalleled speed and accuracy in answering technical queries. Its foundation in the robust CodeLlama-70B model, augmented with extensive fine-tuning, sets a new benchmark for performance. With its user-friendly access and commitment to the open-source ethos, Phind-70B not only accelerates the pace of development work but also fosters a collaborative spirit within the tech community. As they continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible, they invite developers to join in exploring the capabilities of Phind-70B and contribute to shaping the future of coding. Together, they can build a more efficient, interconnected, and innovative world.

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