TVF Pitchers season one was the finest and well articulated season of all time that depicts the ups and downs of a startup culture. Well if you’ve seen that there is some good news for you.

TVF Pitchers season 2 is out now and streaming on zee5. This is a small review of it.

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TVF pitchers season 2 story revolves around the startup journey of 4 but now 3 friends, somehow jeetu(one out of 4 characters) is missing, and all we missed him.

Zee5/ Pitcher S2
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Season 1 Ep 1:
Talking about the storyline, Ep1 start with the Title: The Valley
Episode 1 is about getting funding from KC Enterprises(a big offline player in the same industry) but there is a catch, somehow the funding goes to alpha a competitor to Pragati.
Pragati a startup run by these 3 founders namely Navin Bansal, Yogi, and Mandal as shown in the episode.

The trio- Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, and Abhay Mahajan- is magnificent in their characters as Navin Bansal, Yogi, and Mandal.
EP 2: The pivot
After the pitch got rejected by KC Enterprises and a vacant position of CTO, the angel investor Prachi advised to look for a captain to sail the boat.
Navin starts to pivot the model and comes with a new avatar of Pragati 2.0 along with a new temporary CTO.
In between, they’d search back and forth for CTO and that’s a really hilarious and a must-watch.

EP 3: The Sprint
Pitchers episode 3 is all about getting the product ready to get traction and investor but they face a lot including resignation.
Unlike, MNCs corporates doing 9-5, this episode depicts how fast-paced startup works. Employees shifted to the office day and night to achieve the deadline, well if you plan to watch there is also a quirky definition of the deadline from Navin in this episode.
Although Pragati’s team managed to complete the deadline within a month and also get traction and user metrics from users.

EP 4: The North Star Metric
Navin gets into a place where his pitch got rejected by VCs and also has to bear the loss of employees, legal notice from income tax, and much more.
The startup crippled, the co-founder gets into a heated debate, the trio separated for few times and Navin takes calls as a leader, giving a fight for funding.
There is a sequel of an Elevator scene where finally the trio united and decided not sell the company and looking for an alternative.

EP 5: The Termsheet
Episode 5 is the last episode of the TVF Pitchers S2, As the title of this episode suggests Termsheet, the co-founder united and gave their best shot to close the investment round from VCs. A startup is a rollercoaster, Pragati gets an offer from his competitor Alpha for an Acquisition, Navin and the team had to take a call but in the end they waited for a better call, and in the end, the surprise arrived and gets funding from KC Enterprises.

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