Google just announced its new product called Bard on 06 Feb 2023. It is AI-enabled highly intelligent application software much like open AI Chat GPT-3.

Chat GPT-3 was launched by OpenAI in November 2022.

The AI chatbot scaled to acquire 1 Million customers in less than 5 days.

With the popular rise of Chat GPT3, it becomes a threat to the google search engine business.

So what is all about the Google AI Bard?

Source: Google Bard Preview

Google Bard is AI Based chatbot much similar to Chat GPT-3, which answers inquiries by users.

Bard uses AI technologies and is based on Language Model for Dialogue Applications(LaMDA).

Is Google’s bard available to users?

As of now the light version of the product is in the testing phase and only available to certain testers.

You can try bard ai here :

First, the light version of bard will be rolled out, as it requires less computing and is highly scalable to users.

In addition, the feedback i.e the data collected by user strengthen the AI-based software.

What are the differences between OpenAI Chatbot and Google’s Bard?

The first and main difference is

1. Chat GPT-3 is trained data limited to the year 2021.

Unlike this, Google Bard will use fresh and up-to-date data making it a more reliable source of information for users.

2. Chat GPT-3 uses Generative Pre-trained Transformer based on transfer reinforcement and supervised learning.

ChatGPT 3 working diagram
Source : Wikipedia chatgpt3

Unlike this, Bard uses LaMDA, PaLM, Imagen, and MusicLM.

Combining them all together makes a highly trained AI ML model.

3. Chat GPT-3 uses continuous rigorous learning, once you logged in there is an option to upvote and downvote answered inquiries.

This makes the chatbot train itself and serve with more accurate results.

Whereas Google is already the market leader in Search Engine has the advantage over it. As the news comes in google uses fresh data and ways to directly integrate into google’s search homepage.

In addition, this move makes bard accessible without spending much time switching pages.

Is there any android or IOS App for Bard AI Chatbot?

As of now, there is no news such, as the light version is rolled out they may add in its web and Mobile versions.

Whereas chat GPT-3 is based on the web version, there is no app such but we can use it in web browsers like google chrome, Mozilla, etc.

Wikipedia reference: How ChatGPT-3 Works

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